The world we live in has been moulded and shaped
by the actions of people
Actions are the fruit of our thoughts
Thoughts are changed by words
May the words on this site change your thoughts,
so that they may change you actions,
so that you may change your world
Ashton Fourie
Life Sculpting

Allow me to show you
how to chang

Your life today

Once you have learnt to
change your own life, you can

Another Life Next Week

A neighbourhood in the Next

A Nation in the next Ten Years

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African countries mostly fare rather
dismally in the World
Competitiveness Report.

This wouldn't be a bit problem, if
this was just another competition,
like the Olympic Games or the
Chopin International Piano

But when this results in people
starving, dying from preventable
diseases and living in unnecessary
misery, then something needs to be

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influence people and

Good leadership is the ability to
influence people and that things
get better.

Leadership development doesn't
start with learning the skills of
leadership, but rather with:

Developing the Heart of a leader

I believe that you can change our world
Yet, the fact is that human beings create culture and history because we
speak.  Words are creative because they presuppose imagination and
freedom.  Freedom means that our words can be true or false, liberating or
deceiving, constructive or destructive.  Our words can capture the invisible
laws that regulate the cosmos because behind the cosmos are words -- the
Creator's words.  Words create and transform.
Truth and Transformation, A Manifesto for Ailing Nations
Chinese Worship Songs with PinYing!

On a Totally Different Note:

I've begun putting the Chinese worship songs we do at church, online.  They have the chords, the words in PinYing
and Simplified Chinese, as well as links to a place where you can listen to them online!

Just click here to go there!